4 Point Inspection Services in Orlando FL

4 Point Insurance Inspection in Orlando Fl

There are four major systems in a commercial or residential property in Orlando; roofing, the electrical system and wireworks, the plumbing system and pipeworks, and the HVAC system.

During a 4-point inspection in Orlando, FL, a home inspector focuses on checking these four major systems. An updated 4-point inspection is a necessary process as these four systems may cause a lot of financial damage to the homeowner if they develop some issues. At Simplispect, we offer pool inspection services in Orlando, FL, and other parts of Central Florida. Our 4-point inspection concludes with a detailed and comprehensive home inspection report which highlights all the issues in the property. If you are worried about the health and safety of your property, conduct a 4-point inspection today.

What does an Orlando Four Point Inspection cover

A 4-point home inspection covers the entire property but focuses on only four major components of the house:

  • The roofing system: During a four-point inspection, a home inspector looks for defects in the shingle placement and the presence of cracks and crevices that may lead to leakage issues.
  • The electrical system and electrical panel: The electrical system is one of the most important aspects that need to be covered during a four-point inspection. Electrical issues can lead to heavy accidents and damage.
  • The plumbing system: The pipeworks, if damaged, do not pose fatal threats to the residents of a home or the property itself. However, if there are issues with the plumbing, it may result in leakage issues and damaged walls.
  • The HVAC system: The centralized heating and air conditioning system is a pretty handy component. However, an issue with something that covers the entire property is bound to come with heavy expenses.

Trusted home Inspector for 4 point Inspection in Orlando FL

If you are looking for a four-point inspection in Orlando, FL, and have come across our company, this is where your search for a professional home inspector ends. At Simplispect, we have a certified team of home inspectors who excel at delivering all types of home inspection services. Our home inspectors are well trained and are certified members of InterNACHI – International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. We have been in the industry for a long time, and have delivered our excellent services to hundreds of clients.

At Simplispect, we are known for our unbiased evaluation of your property. Our services are reliable and trustworthy. Our 4-point inspection reports are comprehensive and detailed, and attached with photos regarding every finding made by our home inspectors. If you are planning to conduct a four-point inspection in Orlando or any part of Central Florida, contact us today. Schedule an appointment and our home inspectors will be there to serve your needs.


Does a 4 point inspection include wind mitigation?

A 4-point inspection does not include wind mitigation inspection. However, the 4-point inspection includes the inspection of the roofing system, which is also a part of the wind mitigation inspection.

How much does a 4 point inspection report save on insurance?

A 4-point inspection is the bare minimum requirement for any insurance company in Central Florida. You can save up to 70% on your insurance premiums if you have a valid four-point inspection report.