Pool Inspection in Orlando FL

Pool Inspection in Orlando Fl

After a busy and hectic week, you are planning to spend some quality time with your family in the pool on a weekend. However, are you sure that the pool is safe for you? To ensure the safety and security of your family and yourself, you should get a professional pool inspection in Orlando.

A pool inspection is to make sure that the swimming pool in your home meets the local safety standards and regulations. A pool inspector will run a thorough visual examination of the entire pool to ensure that everything is functioning properly. The physical condition of the pool, the structure and the materials, the quality of the water, filtration and cleaning components, decking, and the heater, everything is checked during a pool inspection in Central Florida. A pool inspection will later prepare a detailed report highlighting all the issues that he has found.

What does an Orlando Pool Inspection cover

During a swimming pool inspection in Orlando, a pool inspector considers different aspects to inspect the pool. All the components of the pool are thoroughly inspected. A pool inspection in Central Florida covers the following:

  • Pool Safety measures: pools are a place to have fun, and fun usually leads to accidents. A pool inspector makes sure that the safety features such as walkways and fencing are properly done.
  • Pool lighting: Pool inspectors will check the type of lighting installed in the pool. They will see if the lights that are installed are new or outdated.
  • Pool interiors: The interiors of the pool need to be properly inspected. The inspectors check for cracks in the Vinyl liners or the plaster. They also look for the presence of algae or any other harmful elements.

Other than these, a pool inspection covers the pool filter, pumps, corrosion, and the rest of the yard.

Trusted home Inspector for Pool Inspection in Orlando FL

If you are buying or selling a home with a pool, you should know that swimming pools add a lot of value to your home. If the pool does not pass the inspection, it may bring down the process to renegotiations. At Simplispect, we offer professional pool inspection services in Orlando, FL. Our pool inspectors are well aware of the issues that may come up with swimming pools. Our pool inspection services will tell you every issue that your pool has. Our inspection report marks an unbiased evaluation of the swimming pool. Our home inspectors are always ready to go an extra mile for you. Even if they have to get into the swimming pool, they will do it. They will examine the interiors and exteriors properly before preparing the pool inspection report. If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy pool inspection in Orlando, FL, make sure to contact us as Simplispect.


Does a Pool inspection include wind mitigation?

A swimming pool inspection and a wind mitigation inspection are different types of home inspection services. They do not go along and have no relation whatsoever.

How much does a Pool Inspection report save on insurance?

The pool inspection report defines the amount that you would need to fix something. However, an updated and valid pool inspection report may save between 20-70% on insurance.