Infrared Thermal Imaging Orlando FL

Thermal Imaging Services in Orlando, FL

During a home inspection, carrying a thermal imaging camera can change the whole outlook of the inspection process. Thermal imaging inspection in Orlando is one of the most advanced levels of home inspection. It is a non-invasive and non-destructive method to inspect a home. Infrared Thermography can be used to detect moisture in the walls, pest and mites infestation, faults in the electrical system, infiltration of air and loss of heat, and much more. Since thermal imaging is a fine tool to detect moisture meters in the walls, it is a favorable tool used by our certified mold inspector as well.

At Simplispect, our home inspectors make good use of thermal imaging and infrared thermography can be used to inspect the walls thoroughly. Infrared cameras prove to be handy in all kinds of home inspection services including wind mitigation inspection, mold inspection, and 4-point inspection.

Local Home Inspector for Thermal Imaging Services

Home inspection when done by local home inspectors is the best choice. This is because local home inspectors are well aware of the surroundings of the city. They know what are the most common problems that homes in Central Florida face. Our local home inspectors are well qualified and certified by InterNACHI. They have been working in the home inspection industry for a long time and with experience, they have upgraded their skills to the very best.

Our local inspectors excel at all kinds of home inspection services including thermal imaging services. There are times when a small crack may not be visible to the naked eye. It can be a spot from where the heat escapes and the air and water infiltrate. Our thermal imaging technology helps our local inspectors to detect even the slightest bit of issue in the property. This makes it possible for us to prepare an accurate report.

Certified & Trusted Home Inspector for Thermal Imaging

Home inspection companies in Orlando claim to have the best team of home inspectors. There is no tool to measure how true their words are. However, there is a tool to determine the loss of heat from the walls and the home inspection team at Simplispect excels at using them. We are a group of professionals who have been certified by the Interaction Association of Certified Home Inspectors – InterNACHI. We are locals who understand the importance of home inspection in Orlando.

Since Florida is a place that is prone to tornadoes and hurricanes, we are well aware of the problems a property can face during bad weather. Our trusted home inspection services include the use of the latest thermal imaging technology to find out the issues that are invisible to the naked eye.

At Simplispect, we strive to forge a long-lasting connection with our customers. We are here to build new relationships rather than build an empire. The primary focus of Simplispect is to deliver top-notch home inspection services at the most affordable prices.


What can thermal imaging detect?

Thermal imaging is a very handy tool for home inspectors. It can detect the loss of heat from the walls, the infiltration of air, electrical faults, leakage in the walls, damaged radiant systems, and a lot more.

How much does thermal imaging cost?

The cost of Thermal imaging during home inspections varies depending on the quality of the camera used and the experience of the home inspector. Usually, a thermal imaging inspection in Orlando costs around $ __ to $ __.